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In the "archives" there's a range of paintings... and other artistic endeavors... for example...


Some are a series (eg While Walking) that are disciplined as-close-to-the-real-thing kind of paintings I could make... in this case it's a series of images of the leaves and flowers I pick up while walking an old farm that my husband and I are lucky enough to own. 


Others are purely random images that I enjoyed painting. Sources include photographs I take ,or archival photos I run across, or items from media such as TV, computers, or print.


Others are an effort to copy paintings I truly like... in the 1800s, this was an old and time honored way of learning. I learn a great deal about other artists' skills by copying them. 


And other items in this "collection" are the truly whimsical, such as painting shirts, or playing with dioramas. or creating jewelry. It is great fun to let the mind loose and try doing new things.

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